R   K  G  D  '   S     P  I  C  K  S     F O R    T H E    U P C O M I N G S E A S O N

Each year dozens of new cultivars are introduced by nurseries and growers, giving us endless options when selecting material for our projects.  We like to incorporate high impact 'en masse' plantings in our designs, using a limited selection of species with an emphasis on tried-and-true performers.  This year's trends have seen improved forms of certain species and new dwarf varieties, with a focus on low maintenance and drought tolerance.  Below are RKGD's top picks for the 2017 season. 


Robin Kramer Garden Design Blog 2017 Plant Selections

Baptisia 'Vanilla Cream'

Blooming in late spring, with long panicles of pale yellow opening to creamy white, Baptisia 'Vanilla Cream' puts on a stunning display.  Drought tolerant once established, this perennial has beautiful foliage and seed pods once the flowers have gone by, providing interest all season long.


Clematis 'Madame Maria'

When in need of a vine for trellising or an arbor, Clematis is a favorite of ours-and this variety is one of the most stunning yet.  With large double white blooms, tinged with green in cooler temps, we cannot wait to include this gem into a design this season.


Robin Kramer Garden Design Blog 'Plant Selection'

Buddleia 'Pugster Blue'

With a profusion of fragrant, oversized blooms, this is an improved compact variety of Buddleia with thicker stems for better winter hardiness than previous varieties. Commonly called Butterfly Bush, this perennial is sure to attract pollinators of all kinds. Cut back the dead flowers to promote continuous flowering from mid-summer through to the fall. 


Hydrangea Quercifolia 'Gatsby Moon'

This Oak Leaf Hydrangea variety is noted not only for its foliage, but also its abundance of tightly clustered white blooms that fade to pale green.  Larger than most Hydrangea species, they will do best with room to grow.  These hardy shrubs are beautiful in the garden and perfect for use in a bouquet.


Anemone Hybrid 'Dreaming Swan'

Delicate, nodding white flowers with a 'painted' lavender blue reverse side, this shade loving perennial is  a gorgeous relative of the 'Wild Swan' series.  Plant en masse in a woodland border for a show stopping display.