C o n t a i n e r S t y l e

Planting containers are an excellent way to add detail and personality to an outdoor space, whether it is on a small city roof terrace or flanking the front entrance to a grand home.  See the ways RKGD has used various styles of planting containers, and the materials in them, to customize our projects.


These large scale painted wood planters add drama and a sense of arrival to this formal Greek Revival facade and entrance landing.  Planted with Boxwood 'Lollipop' topiary and annual 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia for a profusion of blooms.


Use sandy, well draining soil and place in a sunny spot for Lavender to thrive, as in these zinc containers, which will patina over time creating a truly one-of-a-kind finish.


Usually used indoors, we placed these beautiful fig trees on a covered porch out of the direct sunlight.  The Palm Boxes from McKinnon & Harris are the perfect scale for trees such as this.  They are underplanted with lemon thyme for a carpet of sweetly scented greenery.


Custom length, galvanized steel inserts were added to these aged wire-work window box frames outside our client's kitchen window.   The mix of Lavender, 'Limoncello' Supertunias, and 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia created a long lasting display for our clients to enjoy from both indoors and out.


An explosion of blue Agapanthus fills this antique planter, which is original to an early 1900s Jacobean Estate.


These glazed ceramic planters from Europe are topped with tightly clipped evergreen boxwood, perfectly paired on this sunny balcony. 



Handcrafted woven willow frames by Nick McCullough were the perfect addition to this kitchen garden, flanking the BBQ island on either side.  A mix of annuals, herbs, and even a tomato plant filled the planters, creating a charming vignette- and easy picking.


The dining area of a swim and tennis club was updated with new furniture and surrounded by low, linear planters separating the dining from the pool area.  The containers are filled with Hameln Grasses and white blooming Angelonia for a summery, care-free look.


Boxwood tables were added to this custom color, powder coated aluminum planter for a clean, modern edge.  The  containers were placed on either side of the front door of the residence, working with the wide clapboarding on the house. 


Oversized bowls with a zinc patina were placed on top of the driveway entrance pillars to this residence, giving us the opportunity to fill them with seasonally changing annuals.



Simple evergreen trees create a welcoming winter arrangement in these tall zinc containers.  The pyramidal shape of the trees mirrors the shape of the tapered planters.