Robin Kramer Garden Design (RKGD) is a bespoke garden design firm specializing in high end residential design.  The firm’s original and effective design solutions have been implemented throughout New England and recognized in numerous publications. With a strong belief in creative collaboration between clients, architects, and consultants, the firm works towards expressing the best character of each site while meeting the requirements of the brief offered by their clients.


Our approach is to begin with a thorough analysis of the defined objective and the realities of a site and its context. We design, challenge and refine a range of concepts and ideas in accordance to the objectives outlined in the brief, in order to achieve the best possible solutions for the client and the site.



"Architecture dominates modern residential landscapes and the relationship of the land to the buildings on it that demands linear order. Once a solid foundation is established, the landscape can be planted in a more naturalistic manner."   A careful development of this relationship allows for a reconnection with nature, a calm connection that begins to shift the way one experiences daily life. Much like a carefully curated interior, the goal is to design garden spaces that reflect their inhabitants through expert execution. This result is achieved through a careful collaboration between the client and RKGD.


RKGD has an office in the Boston area and Now with the addition of an office in TriBeCa, RKGD will continue to grow, with a fresh injection of inspiration that only a place like New York City could deliver.  RKGD will continue to cultivate custom work with New York area artisans as it strives to deliver a one of a kind result to each project. 


Robin Kramer graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1984 and moved to Brooklyn, NY where she began a career as a children's book illustrator. A move to London altered the trajectory of her career and to this day those years, twelve in total, spent studying European gardens, remains the foundation and inspiration of her garden design work.


While living in Greenwich, CT Robin had a set of new challenges as the town underwent a massive transformation as new construction became the prevailing norm. The reduced property sizes and increased home sizes led to a more structured style of planting, often to screen out the neighbors. Extreme weather and lack of interest in labor intensive flower gardens resulted in a new disciplined style of planting. 


For the last ten years Robin has experimented at her property in Manchester by the Sea building a series of garden rooms nestled into the woodland landscape of that seaside town. 


Living and working in both cities and towns, here and abroad, has built a solid foundation of landscape design experience that informs her design decisions daily.